Molly's Dream

What dream does Molly have?

Molly has a dream to have a house with a pound. Near the pound she wants ducks, geese, and dogs. But mostly she wants to be just like Mrs. Simmons. She wants be as skilled and intelligent as Mrs. Simmons. She wanted the kind of courage Mrs. Simmons had to own and run her own business.

What will she need to do to make her dream come true?

Wait till her contract is over and learn as much as possible from Mrs. Simmons

A New Kind of Freedom

What convinced Johann to go to America?

Johann got convinced to go to America by finding out that he will get 50 acres free for each person, or head in Johann's party, including his kids. He has 7 children and a wife, so that means he will start a farm of 450 acres!!

How did he feel about the decision later?

He and his family had lived in Pennsylvania less than 5 years and already felt that it was their home. He also liked the Market Days in Philadelphia. He is feeling happy that the Holy Experiment is working too.


Why do people move?

People move because they run away from war. American Indians didn't get freedom until 1865 so then the were able to move to different countries. If you want to move to America you couldn't just move there. The people have to get checked by security even if you are there for a short vacation.
People move from all over the world to survive from wars.

Essential Question

Why do people move?

Say you are a slave and you move to a different country for freedom. People move for new jobs, more money, and maybe just to reunite with their family.

What do we do when people don't act, speak, or think?

We start a conversation or maybe ask a question that you don't know that other people might know.